"Leave nothing but memories. Take nothing but photographs." is an inspired idea that we would love to follow in our travels.

Yet, we all want to see, eat and yes shop in amazing places.

I'm your girl for all the temptations around the world. I will guide you on the must-see and must-dos.

I am your Travel Temptress.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of Europe's beautiful capitals. That's common knowledge, but what I took away from Prague, was a very interesting and important travel lesson.

I was there over a Friday the 13th weekend. Yes, it was as ominous as it sounds.
Unable to book a hotel or Airbnb, I found assistance at the train station tourism office.
The location was geared toward a younger crowd...very modern industrial meets vampire hotel. And, it turned out perfect.

Unfortunately, I got sick. The good news is that it was all manageable. I was able to find a nearby restaurant that served amazing soup. As the weather had turned cooler, I easily picked up a scarf in one of the shops along a main street. The bed at the hotel turned out to be an amazing cocoon of comfort on a rainy Sunday spent indoors recuperating.

A few notes on the City - lots of attractions (Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock) easily accessible on foot, you do need to watch your pockets (especially over a crowded weekend like mine), and if you miss the below dessert then don't tell me about it. Ever.

 Hotel Room Wall

Hanging with Death on Friday, the 13th

There should be one of these on every street corner.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


This small country has so much to offer. Slovenia is very affordable, friendly and easy to get around. Even better, there are no toll roads.

**If driving from Italy or a bordering country, be aware that you will need a vignette (sticker for your car to enter the country). They sell weekly, monthly, etc. vignettes at gas stations prior to reaching the border.**

Ljubljana, the capital is easily seen on foot.  You must try their dumplings! https://www.moji-struklji.si/

The visitor center has loads of useful information. Also, finding people who speak some English is not difficult in Ljubljana.

The Old Town district is charming and picturesque. The Triple and Dragon bridges are not to be missed.

The Central Market (go on Fridays) is closeby.
This small capital even comes complete with a castle on a hill. So much to love about Ljubljana!

Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge are not to be missed! You can find free parking nearby the Lake. The walk through the Gorge is easy for all ages. No hiking or difficult terrain. It does get cool, so if you are visiting in September (my preferred month in Europe), bring a sweater in late afternoons.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. The currency exchange is extremely favorable, the city is rich in history, and you will not find better goulash in the World.

Walk the Chain bridge from Pest over to Buda.  Visit the Buda Castle. Take in the sites along the Danube (You will definitely recognize the Parliment building), and relax in one of the thermal baths, like the SZÉCHENYI.

As with most European tourist destinations, be mindful of pickpockets. Otherwise, we felt very safe while visiting. The people were friendly and helpful. Visit the Central Market Hall and mingle with the locals while getting some great food and soveniers. Don't forget the paprika!
Love, love this city.

Santorini, Greece

This destination had been on my bucket list for a long time. Yes, it is as postcard beautiful as you imagine. A few things to note:

I would avoid Summer in Santorini as tourism is high, and cruise ship traffic is heavy.

The weather in the Mediterranean is also warm, so consider your comfort level for time of year to visit.

Secure your transportation before landing at the port, or ask for the taxi cost from the driver before agreeing to the ride.

Traveling via ferry offers amazing views and an efficient means of reaching Santorini from Athens or other Greek Isles.

Don't miss out on the numerous boutiques as you walk the towns on the Island.
Traveling via local bus is economical and easy. Just be sure to be ready at Sunset to capture some beautiful photos!

Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful, complicated and unforgettable destination. The combination of historical significance and natural landscapes, make it a must-see. With careful planning and safety awareness, it is a safe trip to consider.

Cappadocia is located on the Asian side of Turkey, and is easily reachable via short plane ride from Istanbul.

Some essential things to do in Cappadocia:

- Balloon ride at Sunrise
- Stay in Cave Hotel
- Tour of Imagination Valley
- Fairy Chimneys

I highly recommend the town or Urgup for a base. https://www.canyoncavehotel.com/

Try the giant beans and pistachio baklava that is available across Turkey.

Eat incredible food & enjoy all that Turkey has to offer! 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Travel Safety

I will just say it. I have an ugly travel purse. On purpose. And, it's perfect.

My goal was a slash-proof strap (it has metal in the strap), RFID Blocking, and locks on the outside compartments. This purse has all these qualities, and two water bottle (or umbrella) pockets.

I have tested this purse in many countries. It gives me convenience, security and peace of mind. And, no one would be tempted to steal the purse itself lol.

Leave your handcrafted, quality leather purses at home. This Travelon purse is your new best travel friend.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia

My love for this City (as well as my love for Game of Thrones that filmed here) is very real.

Dubrovnik is easy to get around on foot, but there are stairs, many stairs. It is a great offset to the wonderful food that you will encounter here.

For US citizens, the currency exchange is great.

Walk the streets of the Old Town. Eat at an outside cafe. It is a magical place.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Italy - Tuscany & Umbira

The land of food and fashion never disappoints. There are so many places that are a must for the first timer (Rome, Florence, Venice). I want to share some of the surprises that you may not have considered. Tuscany and Umbria should top your must-see list. Many small hill towns offer wonderful regional food, great artisans and beautiful sunsets.

Montepulciano is a wonderful hill town that is both accessible and easy to navigate. The views are amazing, so the drive is worth it. (I do not recommend trains for getting to all the small towns.) Don't miss the leather and copper artisans likeBottega del Rame. There are many specialty shops for every taste.

Chianciano is another great small hill town complete with thermal spa and olive trees. Stay in an aguriturismo for an authentic and memorable experience.

Todi, in Umbria at night.

There are so many places to see in Italy. Go, eat and sleep there soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Baden Baden, Germany

This beautifully quaint Black Forest German town is famous for its curative waters. It attracts celebrities, royals, and (in our case) the tourist who just happens to stop by on the way back from Switzerland. A drive through the Black Forest is beautiful. I also understand where some fairy tale inspirations may have originated (spooky at dusk)

Close to the border with France, Baden Baden (meaning "bath") is definitely a must-see if you are in the area.

Wanderlust & Flat Feet

A bit about travel footwear. I have researched and tested this dilemma at length. I was blessed (ha) with flat feet. This requires that I choose my footwear carefully. My goal when traveling is to walk everywhere possible, for as long as possible.

Enter Ecco footwear. I was able to hoof it through Italy for 21 days with these babies.
They were great for support and comfort. An added bonus is that they do not look like typical American sneakers, as they are a European brand.

ECCO Shoes

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


This is a place so beautiful that I could not hope to do it justice in a blog post. Luckily, many movies are filmed here, so you have most likely caught glimpses of this otherworldly place.

What I love about Iceland -

Natural wonders, seriously there is a waterfall about every five minutes on the Ring Road.
There are beaches, rocky fields, lush green landscapes doted with sheep, and just about every landscape that you can imagine.

Getting around the exterior of the Island is simple. Visit Reykjavik and then hit the main road.

Few inhabitants (approx 338,000 in this Nordic Island Nation!)

Northern Lights (if you get lucky)

It is a dress down, no frills wardrobe kind of vacation. Jeans/leggings, boots, and scarf. Done.

I would avoid the Summer (longer days, but more tourists). September is a great shoulder season.

*Do not drive off of the Ring Road route in a rental car. Take pictures/video of the car when you pick it up and drop it off. Rent a good size SUV and get the gravel protection insurance. Trust me.

Note: there are free car washes at gas stations (you will need those), along with world famous hot dogs. Also, enjoy the Skyr yogurt.  The most pure water you will ever drink can also be found in Iceland. The geothermal landscape that provides this water also accounts for the slight sulfur smell that you may notice in the shower. It's perfectly safe.

If you are an Aviation buff or Christmas collector, Akureyri (the 2nd largest city in the North) is a must-do. Their Aviation Museum and The Christmas House are great stops along your journey.

Iceland is like no other place. Don't miss it!